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Chicken coop nesting boxes are a necessity in any chicken coop. Without comfortable and accessible nesting boxes in the chicken coop, hens will lay eggs anywhere and they may not be found. Nesting boxes that are comfortable and relatively dim and quiet will be used by hens to finish their egg laying. Then the eggs are safe and secure, whether they will be breakfast or baby chickens.

There are many ways to build chicken coop nesting boxes. They can be built with new lumber from scratch or they can be repurposed items such as old lumber from something else, packing crates of all sizes, even old dresser drawers can serve as great chicken coop nesting boxes. The key for nesting boxes is to be sure the mounting is secure and can hold the weight of several chickens without any problems.

2 chickens in grass

As far as the number of chicken coop nesting boxes needed, that depends on the size of your flock. Typically it is best to have one nesting box for every three hens, as it is very unlikely they will all be laying eggs at the same time.

Chicken coop nesting boxes need to be comfortable and inviting to the laying hens and a soft and safe place for eggs to rest once laid as well. The filling for the boxes can be things such as dry wood shavings, straw or even shredded paper.

As long as the hen will be comfortable and the eggs will be safe and clean, then the filling can vary as to what is cheapest or easiest in availability for you. It is important to regularly clean the nesting boxes even though the chickens will not typically soil them. Sometimes a bit of manure will be in there or an egg will break, so regular cleaning is a good idea to keep things fresh.

Owning chickens can be a fun and productive pastime for people who enjoy animals and farming type things. Chickens produce eggs for you with very little effort on your part as long as they have a secure coop to protect them from predators and chicken coop nesting boxes to be comfortable in.

The nesting boxes also help you find the eggs instead of playing hide and seek and possibly finding broken eggs or losing eggs to predators. When you take the time to learn about building proper chicken coops and chicken coop nesting boxes, you can have what is needed to successfully raise your chickens.

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