Chicken Shed – Turn an Old Shed Into a Home For Chickens

If you have an old shed in your backyard, you might be wondering what to do with it. well guess what? You can turn that old building into a chicken shed with a minimal amount of effort there are a few things that you will need to do before you fully turn it into a chicken shed, so let’s go over the basics.


Because this was originally a regular shed, there are a number of things that it could have been used for. It’s impossible to tell exactly what, and that being the case you need to do a thorough cleaning. Check the shelves, and if there are any rotten or damaged shelves, you need to remove them. If there are any chemicals present, make sure they are cleaned as well because if a chicken becomes exposed to dangerous chemicals it will usually die overnight.

4 Things You Got to Give ‘Em When Building a Chicken Coop

A coop is a fairly straight forward building. You have a floor, walls, a roof, and a fence to go around it. The complexities and variations shift from coop to coop, but the basics of it stay that same. But what most people overlook when building is to look at the necessary concepts that go into building a chicken coop. Getting a structure up quickly is good but if there is not thought put into it beforehand, then constructing a coop is just and exercise in futility. So before you start hammering away check out these four things you have...

Check for nails that might be sticking out of the walls or any beams. these nails which might not have been a huge danger to you will certainly be a danger to your chickens in the days to come. Remember that they have no common sense, and will run headlong into the nail if you let them.

Outfitting your Chicken Shed

When you are ready to start outfitting the chicken shed, there are a few things that you absolutely need to have. the first of course is a watering area. If you are going to go all out, you could make a custom watering area where it is built into the side of the building. make sure that you have a removable water bottle that you can clean out on a daily basis. there are other options, such as a manufactured watering device, and these are normally made from galvanized metal.

Also make sure that you can feed your chickens easily. You want this to be an automated process, so try to devise some sort of automatic feeder unless you want to feed them from a trough. the only problem with a trough is that it will undoubtedly accumulate a large amount of chicken feces that you will need to clean on a regular basis.

Remember that your chickens will also need roosts to sleep in. If you are designing your coop in the interest of collecting eggs, make sure there is a back way into the roost to collect those eggs. On that note though, make sure the roosts are protected against the elements if you do have an exterior door. You want the chickens to be as comfortable as possible, and that means you need to do everything in your power to make sure they are warm, fed, and happy. Happy chickens mean more eggs

Creating a Yard

Every chicken shed needs a yard, which means you will need to pick a side to add a trapdoor on. this will involve cutting a hold in the side of the shed and adding a ramp so that the chickens can exit and enter in relative safety. You will need to set an area to fence in so that your chickens do not wander off, and we’ll warn you right now that you don’t want to get too attached to the grass in that area. the chickens will destroy it, and if you really want to, you can add two sections of chicken yard so that you can rotate the chickens and re-grow the grass periodically.

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